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How to Brighten your Skin and Get Your Glow Back

Written by Helen on

I am using the radiance boosting ideas from Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic latest catalogue.

5 Steps:

  1. Gently exfoliate using the Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish. This nurtures and revitalises the skin and is easy to use – damp the face and gently massage the grainy cream polish over the face (you could do the backs of your hands at the same time). Use a warm damp flannel to remove the polish, or just wash off with loads of water. Now TONE to rebalance the skin. Then moisturise or apply….. (Polish twice a week maximum, on other days use face wash or cleanser).
  2. Wild Rose Beauty Elixir – this fantastic product is out of stock at the moment due to technical pump issues, it’s my favourite morning serum due to the results I get with it. Until it returns, use your favourite serum or a tiny amount of Wild Rose Beauty Balm. You can use the WRBB on its own or apply under your moisturiser for that extra feed and moisturisation that is often needed in our winter.
  3. Wild Rose Body Elixir. This luxurious elixir is in a 150ml tube. It has a moisturised gel-like texture and a little goes a long way. Apply a small amount to your fingertips, ‘warm’ it, then apply to your legs, arms & body. It leaves your skin feel silky smooth, so it is fantastic for keeping your skin radiant in the winter and is a ‘must-have’ to take on holiday.
  4. White Tea Face Mask. Use once a week. Cleanse your face first, then apply but avoid the eye area. It dries lightly due to the kaolin clay content which draws out impurities from the skin. Leave on for about 10 minutes and wash off. My TIP is to apply a warm damp flannel to your face for a few seconds, and then wipe off. This dampens the mask allowing you to remove it easily.
  5. Internal Health. A handful of berries. The 5 a day slogan is now the minimum portions of fruit and vegetables to have each day. ‘Radiance’ - our organic Berry Blend is, well, made from berries! You can boost your skin’s natural radiance with this antioxidant-rich blend of açai, blueberry, cherry and goji berry. Contains vitamin C to help support the formation of collagen and normal skin function, and organic stevia for a deliciously sweet taste. I add a teaspoon to my yoghurt or cereal in the mornings.

PS. I am offering ‘Winter One2One’ consultations this January and February, so do contact me for more details or to book in. PPS. All products can be bought either directly from me or via my webshop:


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