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A Simple Way to Avoid being a Mosquito Magnet.

Written by Helen on

I am a mosquito magnet, whether it’s gardening, walking down the road, on holiday or just sitting in my garden and admiring the sunset!

My best anti-bug spray is the Citronella Formula by Neal’s Yard Remedies.

At just £9 a bottle, I think it is the best investment ever. It’s kind to my skin, no irritation, no drying, actually it is the opposite as I find it refreshing, cooling and lightly moisturizing.

It smells fresh & clean and best of all – I don’t get bitten!

NYR Official describe it as ‘ a cooling sun spray, with a blend of hazel extract, lavender and organic citronella essential oil’.

It’s ideal for everyday use and especially when gardening and for taking on holiday.

A quick spray on each limb, round my middle and I’m fully protected.

My advice? Don’t leave home without one!

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