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Can Geranium Essential help with Hot Flushes?

Written by Helen on

I had a great testimonial this week.

A friend is suffering with horrible hot flushes (peri-menopausal). I watched one happen- she suddenly went very red- chest, neck, face & broke into immediate sweat! So I popped a bottle of our Organic Geranium oil to her with a note of how to use.

Within a day, the most noticeable change is that she has been sleeper better - sooo much better - & coping better. She sent a lovely thank you message via a mutual friend as well as telling me directly!

Geranium is a balancing oil. When we can balance our hormones, it helps us to get back in charge of our lives. If you want more information on coping with the menopause, pm me. I ran courses on this subject at my local Adult Education Centre.

The Geranium oil that I use is Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) oil† by Neal’s Yard Remedies. (Organic. †Fair for Life fair trade certified by IMO. This is a vegan product. Made with 100% organically produced ingredients)

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