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Survive Hay Fever - the natural way

Written by Helen on

I found this article in Your Health Living magazine very interesting. (I've posted the first page here).

Even better, these ingredients / recommendations are found in the Neal's Yard Remedies Organic product range that I sell such as:

Vitamin C

Summer Tea (nettle)

Eyebright in in the White Tea Eye Gel

Balm to act as a pollen barrier can be Wild Rose Beauty Balm or Bee Lovely Balm. Apply around nostrils.

Echinacea Tea

Beauty Oil for omegas 3,6,9

Omega 3.6.9 Oil

Roman Camomile - add to diffusers, or add a drop to your tissue

Cleanse Superfood - to support your gut health

Pro Bio Boost supplement

Elderberry & Propolis Throat Spray

Eucalyptus Pastilles

I use all of these and I know it looks a lot, but honestly it has become as way of life and I feel healthy and full of energy - which is the opposite of the dopey, sluggish feeling that antihistamines give me.

For information on how the above work, and to find out what is best for you, contact me via the tab. If you know what you want the direct link to my shop is: Look under Supplements, Remedies, Essential Oils.


survive summer

survive summer

survive hay fever