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Gardeners Hand Care & Seed Swops

Written by Helen on

Enjoy a get together or ‘party’ with a difference! You experience Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products with a nourishing hand treatment with me showing you what to do, after this your Host provides a cup of tea while you swop the seeds and seedlings that you all brought along.

Meanwhile here are some easy tips to nourish your hands while gardening:

  • Massage the Bee Lovely Balm into your cuticles and hands before starting the gardening. Gloves are optional, but better.
  • When you have finished, wash your hands with the Bee Lovely Hand Wash.
  • Re apply the balm or use the Bee Lovely Hand cream.

We do have other ranges but I find this one the best, plus Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic help Save the Bees as 3% of sales goes to bee friendly charities. In fact over half helps Bees for Development boost bee numbers in Ghana by introducing bee colonies into cashew orchards. The farmers earn extra income from selling the honey and the cashew farmers benefit due to the extra pollination increasing yield.

The nourishing hand treatment also includes exfoliation and hand massage.

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