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Frankincense stories

Written by Helen on

Today, I'm sharing my aromatherapy based information about Frankincense essential oil, some of its properties, how it works and its Colour Vibrations.

There are many types of frankincense.

The colour vibration is Gold, helping with calming the mind, overcoming, perfection and rejuvenating the skin.

The essential oil has many properties including antiseptic, expectorant, sedativ, tonic and vulnerary.  It is known as a 'clearing oil', working both on clearing the chest and the mind.

And is used to assist asthma, bronchitis, catarrh and chronic coughs when used in inhalations.

It is renowned in skin care for its age defying & wrinkly-skin-lifting properties!  

By using different Frankincense oils and exploring the by-products, Neal's Yard Remedies Organic offer 3 specialised skin care ranges and a super intense hand serum.

On the mind, Frankincense essential oil offers tranquil contemplation and spiritual liberation.  It is used a lot in meditation.

Its energy is cool and dry.

Generally, it is a wonderfully rejuvenating and uplifting oil.  Having a calming, comforting and uplifting effect.

You can use the pure essential oil in diffusers, a drop on a tissue or up to 6 drops pre-mixed in the 'Create Your Own' bath wash or bath oil before adding to the bath water.  Or of course, take advantage of the NYRO pre-mixed body and face products.

In a nutshell - it is pure gold.

I hope that you've found this interesting and for more information - do contact me.

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Frankincense Essential Oil

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