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Fancy a Cuppa? NEW Herbal Teas from Neal's Yard Remedies Organic - a remedy for every occasion!

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Are they a tea, or are they an infusion, or a 'tisane'?

I find it confusing because a good cup of tea to me is English Breakfast, although in the not so old days, it was just called Tea. You bought it as tea leaves (this gave Gypsy Rose Lee the opportunity to tell your fortune), or in tea bags, pouring boiling water on it, usually letting it stew a bit, then pouring onto some milk in a delicate china cup. Again, in the old days, adding a load of sugar too. Perfect! We used it to get going in the morning, to keep going throughout the day, all evening - and most definitely to look after upset people especially if they had had a shock, and definitely with loads of sugar for this. Builders tea is served in a great big mug.

Which is why, these days I find the whole Tea market huge and confusing! Which one to use, why, what will it do and will I like it?

So, to me, these teas are really herbal infusions or tisanes and to help you understand which one to use, this blog will explain some of the key uses of each herb in each of the teas. Did I say that I love using herbs in cooking and salads too, and even some flower arrangements. The healing of powers of herbs goes back in time and is so interesting.

So that I don't confuse you further, I will however carry on calling them 'teas'.

First of all, these Herbal teas from Neal's Yard Remedies Organic (and you can order them from me / my webshop) are 100% organic in biodegradable tea bags, stitched cotton, staple free and free from plastic!

There are 5 titles to choose from, each one to help you at different times of the day.

  • 'Bright Start'. Refresh your senses with sweet zesty lemon, green nettle and the subtle note of rosehips.
  • 'Quiet Time'. Create a moment of tranquillity with a cup of fragrant pink rose buds, sweet lime flower and delicate chamomile.
  • 'Fired Up'. Spice up your day with feisty ginger infused with turmeric and sweet aromatic liquorice to create a warming blend.
  • 'Night Time'. Snuggle in and settle down with honey notes of comforting chamomile with aromatic lavender and gentle lemon balm.
  • 'After Dinner'. Complement any mealtime with a soothing sip of cool and refreshing peppermint, nutty dandelion root and aromatic fennel.

Why would you choose each one?

  • Bright Start contains: Dried nettle leaf (20%), dried whole lemon (20%), dried rosehips (15%), dried dandelion root, dried ginger root, dried cardamom pod, dried liquorice root. 100% organic ingredients.
  • Quiet Time contains: Dried chamomile flower(27%), dried rose bud (20%), dried lime flower+ (18%), dried lemon balm, dried spearmint leaf, dried liquorice root+.
  • Fired UP contains: Dried turmeric root (27%), dried ginger root (22%), dried cassia bark, dried liquorice root+(13%), dried rooibos, dried orange peel, dried rosehips+.
  • Night Time contains: Dried lemon balm(25%), dried chamomile flower (22%), dried passion flower, dried valerian root, dried lime flower+, dried liquorice root+, dried lavender flower 5%
  • After Dinner contains: Dried aniseed, dried fennel seed(20%), dried peppermint leaf (13%), dried spearmint leaf, dried ginger root, dried nettle leaf+, dried dandelion root*+ (10%).

So how will the herbs help?

After compiling this, I find it fantastic to see how many of these herbs work on the digestive system and in so many ways. A healthy gut is so important to keep / create our inner health and outer beauty. If you would like more information, please do contact me.

  • Bright Start: Nettle: As infusion helps stimulate the circulation, cleanse the system in arthritis, rheumatism, gout and eczema. Anti-inflammatory. Lemon: Uplifting. Aids digestion. Great for your liver, reduces inflammation and boost the correct processing of it enzymes and minerals. Favours alkaline levels. Rosehips: Immune booster. Digestif – help relieves colic. Dandelion root: Gentle liver and digestive stimulant. A cleansing remedy for toxic conditions including gout and eczema. Ginger root: A warming circulatory stimulant, also for flatulence, indigestion and nausea. Cardomum pod: digestive stimulant Liquorice root: Anti-inflammatory for allergic and arthritic conditions, digestive stimulant.

  • Quiet Time: (I will use this in my Mindful Facial routine too) Chamomile flower: calms insomnia, anxiety and stress. Help IBS, poor appetite, indigestion. Rose Bud: helps clear toxins, relieve menstrual pain, fight depression & improve nervous system, cleansing, digestion. Lime Flower: many - including digestion, antioxidants. Lemon Balm: take for depression, nervous exhaustion, indigestion, nausea and early stage of colds and influenza. Spearmint Leaf: nausea, travel sickness, indigestion, digestion, feverish conditions, migraines. Liquorice root: above.

  • Fired UP: Turmeric root: A warming pick-me-up. Appetite stimulant, soothes the stomach, aids digestion, detoxifying and rebalancing the whole body system. Ginger root: see above. Cassia bark: digestion Liquorice root: above Rooibos: renowned and used for years in Southern Africa! Many, many benefits including digestion, healthier heart, antioxidants, caffeine-free, helps fight inflammation and more. Orange Peel: indigestion, abdominal bloating Rosehips: above.

  • Night Time: Lemon Balm: above Chamomile Flower: IBS, poor appetite, indigestion. Drink at night for insomnia, anxiety + stress. Passion Flower: calms the nervous system and promotes sleep. Valerian Root: anxiety and insomnia Lime Flower: digestion (antispasmodic), anxiety, nerves, tension, insomnia Liquorice Root: above Lavender Flower: nervous exhaustion, tension headaches.

  • After Dinner: Aniseed: benefits digestion, respitory system, promotes relaxation, women’s health, helps eliminates toxins Fennel Seed: extensive digestive remedy including colic, drink after a meal. Peppermint: above Spearmint: above Ginger Root: above Nettle leaf: above Dandelion Root: above

I will use all 5 throughout the day, and am including them into my therapy treatments.

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